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Harrisburg University’s Research Grants Office provides pre- and post-award support in service of Harrisburg U faculty and staff. The team manages a diverse portfolio of federal and state, foundation, and industry sponsors, and partners with faculty across the University to facilitate proposal submission, award acceptance and administration, and reporting throughout the life of the award.

Our Research Centers

Farming Technology

Center for Advanced Agriculture and Sustainability

The Center for Advanced Agriculture and Sustainability (CAA) exists to support the adoption of technology-enabled approaches to sustainable and localized farming methods.

artificial intelligence

Center for Environment, Energy, and Economy

The Center for Environment, Energy, and Economy (E3) connects Harrisburg University faculty and students to change-makers who combine sustainability practices with economic development.

Student observing petri dish

The Research Institute

This Institute was formed to coordinate research efforts, collaborate on research projects, encourage student participation at all levels in ongoing research and share knowledge and discoveries across the entire University.

user experience

User Experience Center

This center brings technological expertise and strategic capabilities to usability and market research. The UX Center invites businesses, government agencies, academic departments, and others to bring their prototypes and ideas for methodical testing under lab conditions.

Undergraduate Admissions


Here, imagination and science merge to incubate ideas and perform life-changing breakthroughs.

Professors and students harness their passions to take journeys of discovery. Their recipe for success blends rigorous research, academic wisdom and real-world know-how.

Responsible conduct of research

Harrisburg University is committed to responsible and ethical research. As a STEM-focused University, responsible and ethical research is a fundamental part of the University identity.  It is paramount as we conduct and grow our research potential and scholarly collaboration across disciplines and engage students in high-impact experiential learning.  HU’s Responsible Conduct of Research provides training to designated students and faculty.  The Director of Research  is responsible for overseeing and monitoring compliance with the RCR program and supports both the Institutional Review Board and Institutional Care and Use of Animal Committees to ensure Best Practices and Integrity in research.


Harrisburg University is committed to making higher education assessable to underrepresented groups in the STEM disciplines, and offers students access to engaging research and career development within an equitable environment that encourages innovation, and technological advances.

Title III

Harrisburg university is proud of the Dept. of Education designation as a Title III strengthening Institution supporting a diverse student body for a robust post-secondary engagement for underrepresented populations in STEM education.

Title V

Harrisburg University is proud of the Dept of Education designation as a Title V developing institution supporting Hispanic inclusion into a robust post-secondary engagement in STEM education.

STEM-UP Network

A network of professional and academic women in STEM that builds capacity and community through research- and evidence-based programs, activities, and platforms/resources.


An experiential interdisciplinary education is the hallmark of the Harrisburg University learning experience.   Across disciplines, collaboration and interdisciplinary work is found across the University, stretching from University labs and classrooms to industry and community partners. Collaborations often emerge naturally from a shared sense of purpose and may span locations or even countries. The University invests in collaborative research by awarding up to 20 Presidential Research Grants annually to faculty teams working collaboratively across disciplines with students on research projects.  These grants are up to $20,000 annually to support the research and scholarly projects.  Harrisburg University is proud to collaborate with industry partners and university consortiums in applied and academic research initiatives.

a man giving a presentation

Faculty and Staff

HU faculty & staff who wish to find funding, reply to a submission or enter into a consulting agreement must login to MyHU to visit the Research Grants Office on SharePoint.

The Grants SharePoint site contains an External Grant Form, Budget forms, Updates, and Resources.