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Together, they develop mind-blowing technologies, popular commercial products and valuable intellectual properties.

Environmental Science

Advancing Sustainability Through Aquaponics

Many people today view aquaponics as a more sustainable and environmentally conscious form of raising food and plants. HU students are engaged in trail-blazing research that involves the first systematic study of growth options within the aquaponics industry. Biology professor Dr. Rachel Fogle and analytical chemistry professor Dr. Andrea Nagy have teamed with students on the project.

Transferring Credits

Building More Immersive Virtual Realty

New advances have made it easier to create a truly immersive virtual reality field experience. Chief among them is the advanced camera technology. But since these field experiences are a new endeavor, there exist no best practices for setting them up. Three of our professors partnered with students to change that. Dr. Michael Meyer, Dr. Christine Proctor and Albert Sarvis are supporting students in their mission to advance immersive VR experience within the physical and natural sciences.

Teacher with Super Computer

Mining Data through Supercomputing

Our professors and students spent nearly three years building our new DIY-style supercomputer. Now, it’s unleashing the power of our students and professors to solve challenges. This DIY-style high-performance machine is powered by 68 servers and growing, allowing it to tackle the work of hundreds of regular computers. Students are now using it to launch ground-breaking new research in forensic science, machine learning and autonomous vehicles.

Student observing petri dish

Faculty Research Institute

Our Faculty Research Institute was formed to coordinate research efforts, collaborate on research projects, encourage student participation at all levels in ongoing research and share knowledge and discoveries across the entire University. It has four areas of concentration: graduate, undergraduate, healthcare and esports.

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The IRB serves as an objective third party, an oversight committee, governed by Federal Regulations with the purpose of protecting and managing risk to human participants involved in research.

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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

The IACUC serves as an objective third party, an oversight committee, governed by Federal Regulations to ensure appropriate care and use of vertebrate animals involved in education and/or research.


All Centers and Institutes

Our research centers provide experiential opportunities for students across a broad range of interests, issues and industries.

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