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Need training or skills for your career but not sure about pursuing a degree?  Harrisburg University offers several certificate programs to prepare students with the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed.  Students can enroll in certificate programs as non-degree graduate students or as Master of Science degree-seeking students.  Certificate programs are not approved by Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) to enroll non-immigrant students. 

Healthcare Informatics

This 15-semester hour certificate program prepares students with the basics of healthcare informatics to function effectively as project champions for healthcare information technology implementations and other basic informatics functions.

Instructional Technology K-12

The 24-semester hour graduate program in Instructional Technology prepares the student for the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s instructional certificate in instructional technology K -12.

Instructional Design Certificate

This 15-semester hour certificate program in Instructional Design prepares the student with the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to succeed in a career in the training industry.

Project Management

This 18-semester hour program is designed for an individual with a goal of a certificate in Project Management and an industry certification from the Project Management Institute [either Project Management Professional (PMP), or Certified Associate Project Manager (CAPM).

Agile Lean

This 12-semester hour certificate program is designed for the student with a desire to understand the principles and practices of Agile Lean.


This 12-semester hour certificate program prepares the student for a supervisory or managerial role within a biomanufacturing company or contract manufacturing organization.

Medical Biotechnology

This 12-semester hour certificate program prepares the student for a career in several fields in the healthcare industry. The certificate also exposes the student to various biomedical devices and new technologies related to designing, fabricating, and applying multi-array biochips and micro-fluidic systems.

Regulatory-Legal Affairs in Biotechnology

This 12-semester hour certificate program prepares the student for supervisory, administrative, or other leadership positions within the biotechnology industry. Courses within this program will explore market dynamics, public policy, and technology.

Entertainment Technology

This certificate helps students gain a competitive advantage in the working world and provide equitable access to any student who would like to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.


Blockchain is driving a new technology revolution and is becoming increasingly crucial across industries such as finance, healthcare and supply chain management. Learn from expert faculty in the comfort of your own home through this Certificate-earning set of five (5) online courses.  Develop your expertise and gain a competitive advantage in this increasingly important set of technologies.

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