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Center for Advanced Agriculture and Sustainability

CAA exists to support the adoption of technology-enabled approaches to sustainable and localized farming methods by bringing new applied research programs and agricultural technologies to Pennsylvania.

Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies

The Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies (CAELT) is an applied research center that advances the use of  interactive media for entertainment and learning.

Center for Project Management Innovation (CPMI)

The Center for Project Management Innovation (CPMI) aims to significantly improve business and project outcomes for state and local governments as well as local and global businesses.

Analytics Institute (AI)

The Analytics Institute provides solutions, research, education and training in both structured and unstructured data analytics through strategic partnerships with entrepreneurs, private businesses and public sector entities.

Center for Applied Environmental & Geospatial Technology

HU’s Center for Applied Environmental and Geospatial Technology prepares students for successful careers, in the fields of environmental and geospatial technologies, through a wide array of real world projects.

Center for Environment, Energy and Economy (E3)

The Center for E3 focuses on interdisciplinary research that that translates science into actionable policy solutions, business practice improvement and the development of evidence-based decision support tools and systems.

The Research Institute

This Institute was formed to coordinate research efforts, collaborate on research projects, encourage student participation at all levels in ongoing research and share knowledge and discoveries across the entire University.

Government Technology Institute (GTI)

The Government Technology Institute empowers government technology leaders with increased skills to make “Good Government Great Government” by connecting them with the expertise of sponsors, faculty and advisors.

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship brings important scientific discoveries, technological innovations, and academic research to the marketplace across a variety of industries and technologies.

Security Center of Excellence (SCE)

The Security Center of Excellence is a targeted effort to support government security leaders and their staffs as well as the private sector through educational programs, collaboration and awareness-raising initiatives.

User Experience Center

The User Experience (UX) Center brings technological expertise and strategic capabilities to usability and market research by testing the prototypes of businesses, government agencies and academic departments under lab conditions.

STEM-UP Network

Our community of professional women in STEM prepares women with real-world strategies and relationships that support development and advancement within STEM careers. STEM-UP supports STEM Women in Higher Education including Students, Faculty, and Early-Career Professionals.

HU Aquaponics

The Aquaponics Research Lab provides authentic experiential learning opportunities to prepare students for successful careers in sustainable agriculture through interdisciplinary research and internships.


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