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With Harrisburg University’s strengths in data science, computer science, information systems, engineering, and management, and biotechnology, the Center is uniquely positioned to focus on interdisciplinary research that that translates science into actionable policy solutions, business practice improvement, and the development of evidence-based decision support tools and systems.

Translating Science to Policy

The Center for E3 is developing into a premier interdisciplinary center for research on pressing energy and environmental challenges through a focus on pragmatic, evidence-based, actionable policy solutions and decision support tools. Located at HU’s main campus in the center of Pennsylvania’s policy-making process, E3 acts as an important conduit for developing high-level policy and business practice solutions to air, water, energy and environmental issues.

Combining the depth of rigorous scientific research with the power of cutting-edge data analytics and the development of evidence-based decision support tools and systems, HU’s Center for E3 stands out in the crowded energy space. It is difficult to translate valuable scientific insights into smart policy or business practice because regulators and businesses typically lack easy-to-use analytical tools to understand and implement the science. By focusing on this key science-policy ‘translation gap’ and a solutions-oriented approach, the Center for E3 is well positioned geographically and academically to fill this gap, and influence energy and environmental policy in Pennsylvania and beyond.


E3 Center Director John Quigley

John Quigley is the founding Director for the Center for Environment, Energy & Economy at the Harrisburg University. He is former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Center for E3 Initiatives

Fugitive Emissions Abatement Simulation Toolkit

FEAST is an open-source model that was originally created by Professor Ravikumar and research colleagues at Stanford University to model the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of various leak detection and repair (LDAR) technologies and regimes in natural gas production.

Farm Monitoring Technologies

The Center for E3 and Leena Pattarkine, Ph.D., Professor of Biotechnology are collaborating with TeamAg to develop and demonstrate low-cost tools for monitoring of water quality on farms in Pennsylvania to improve their economic and environmental performance.

Virtual Environmental Monitoring Network

The Center for E3 is focusing initially on building a proof-of concept network in partnerships involving water quality in the Susquehanna River.  Initial project activities include building the network prototype by accessing available data sets.

Energy Engineering
Research Investigative Unit

Harrisburg University’s High Performance Computing Research Laboratory (HPCRL), under the direction of  Dr. Majid Shaalan, Professor of Computer Science & Program Lead for the Computer Science Graduate Program, is collaborating with the Center for E3 to launch an Energy Engineering Research Investigative Unit (EERIU).  EERIU will provide computational and cloud services to support the Center for E3’s Sustainable Energy Development Laboratory that is led by Dr. Arvind Ravikumar.

The collaboration will support undergraduate and graduate students in computational sciences who will conduct energy-related research with Dr. Ravikumar.

Sustainable Energy
Development Lab

The Sustainable Energy Development Lab created and led by Dr. Arvind P. Ravikumar, Assistant Professor of Energy Engineering at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, is undertaking multidisciplinary research on critical energy topics, including:

Professor Ravikumar publishes extensively. He and the Lab’s work are frequently in the news.


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