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Programs for High School Students

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Enrichment Programs

If you’re in high school, our online enrichment programs are the perfect opportunity to earn college credit and have fun. You could even qualify for a grant that covers the cost of admission.


Dual Enrollment

Earn college credits while still attending high school, experience the college environment and get a head start on a Bachelor of Science degree through our Dual Enrollment program.


Early College

Attend college full-time through our Early College Program. As with dual enrollment, you’ll experience the college environment and get a head start on your degree

Undergraduate Admissions

Experience Innovation at Work

Innovation makes the world go round, and the people of Harrisburg University are turning the wheel. Here, imagination and science merge to incubate ideas and formulate life-changing insights.


More to Explore

Transfer to Harrisburg University

We make it easy to transfer your credits from two- and four-year institutions. You might even qualify for a transfer scholarship.

Career Services and Experiential Learning

Our internships, projects, career services and experiential learning add up to the most complete preparation for post-university success available anywhere.