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The Research Institute has four areas of concentration, but faculty members and students participate in any or all of them according to their professional interests.

The various groups also coordinate with the other Institutes and Centers at HU for mutual support and sharing of expertise.

Graduate Research

The Graduate Research Institute focuses on longer term, externally funded research grants that advance the state of knowledge in many areas of science and technology such as quantum computing and supercomputers. Our PhD students also share their discoveries and experiences as they pursue their doctoral degrees.

Undergraduate Research

The Undergraduate Research Institute provides research experiences for undergraduate students that often take them outside the University to the skies with drones, to the regional environment with ecological studies, and even foreign countries for cultural exchanges.

Healthcare Research

The Healthcare Research Institute houses a diverse group of physicians, nurses and scientists who pursue topics in population health, biotechnology, informatics, genomics and pharmacology and clinical nursing. Their coordination with local healthcare institutions allow student experiences in data analysis, medical quality and safety assurance, clinical medicine and nursing, medical apps and wearables, and even genetics and personalized medicine.

Esports Research

Our newest Institute is focused on our championship-winning Esports program. Topics of interest are such things as the effect of practice hours, sleep-wake cycles, exercise, and diet on both competitive and academic performance. Brain Scientists will also discover currently unknown differences between professional and average levels of players.

Come to Harrisburg University and be a part of this discovery process.

artificial intelligence

SIS Research Group

The SIS (Smart Intelligent Systems) Research group investigates complex problems afflicting governments, nations, healthcare systems, universities, and businesses using smart and AI systems, and offer sustainable and contextualizable solutions and models.

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