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HARRISBURG, PA – Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HU) is hosting members of the United States Marine Corps Okinawa-based III Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) for two weeks.

This visit provides time and space to explore partnerships between Harrisburg University’s Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (STORMWERX) and the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps in the areas of manufacturing systems and design. STORMWERX Center Director, LJ Holmes, has led the way in developing this important partnership opportunity with Marine Corps Systems Command. Holmes provided his insights into STORMWERX, III MEF, and the purpose for this collaboration:

“III MEF is the USMC’s only permanently deployed Marine Expeditionary Force. With full-time deployment comes wear and tear on warfighter equipment. In cases where logistical issues slow the delivery of replacement equipment, Marines need the capability to repair or replace worn equipment in a timely manner.

“The STORMWERX research portfolio encompasses the maturation and optimization of materials and manufacturing processes that allow for rapid product development. Our research team is supporting a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Navy and USMC. One focus area is to transition knowledge of reverse-engineer and repair, or remanufacturing, to III MEF and the rest of the Marine Corps. The Marines visiting HU brought hard problems, and our STORMWERX team is providing manufacturing solutions to help solve these issues.”

During the two weeks on-site, the STORMWERX team and the visiting Marines are working in the laboratory, side by side, to ensure the proper transition of knowledge and capabilities so that when these Marines return, they can immediately enhance their unit’s capabilities and effectiveness.

Cameron J. McCoy, PhD, Provost at Harrisburg University and a US Army veteran, also shared his thoughts about the synergy of this important partnership:

“This CRADA represents the tip of the spear for what is an essential relationship between Harrisburg University and the USMC. It’s a direct reflection of HU’s practical and applied research focus and a continued representation of the Marine Corps’ ongoing innovation. HU is honored to host these first-to-innovate Marines in Harrisburg and I’m excited to watch their academic and discovery efforts change the landscape for warfighters across the world. As a veteran myself, I could not be prouder of the relationship HU has formed with the Marine Corps and the work we’re doing together.”

Harrisburg University gratefully welcomes III MEF to our campus and looks forward to many opportunities to engage in impactful problem-solving work together.


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