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TERAY JOHNSON – Class of 2021  1.) What is your current role, and how did the HU Data Analytics program...


#IAMHU: Meet Yuliya Goss

Dreams. Goals. Knowledge. Inspiration.  At Harrisburg University, the possibilities are limitless. Our students embrace their future because Harrisburg University knows...


HU Spotlight: Meet Nicole Borrell, Residence Life Coordinator

 As Harrisburg University continues to grow, so does the number of expert educators and staff the university brings on to...


HU Spotlight: Meet Nayeem Islam, Associate Director of Student Life

On average, college students spend about 15 hours a week in class – or these days, in a virtual classroom...


HU Spotlight: Meet Librarian David Runyon

Libraries are the nucleus of any university. Humming with intellectual and social activity, libraries encourage curiosity, problem solving, and innovation....


HU Spotlight: Meet Professor Albert Sarvis

Harrisburg University is one of only a handful of universities across the U.S. to offer an undergraduate degree program in Geospatial...


HU Spotlight: Meet Dr. Glenn Mitchell

The experiences Harrisburg University professors bring to the classroom are vast and unique. Dr. Glenn Mitchell These experiences inform and...


HU Spotlight: Meet Professor Michael Meyer

Whether it’s for their groundbreaking research, expertise, or amazing discoveries, HU’s professors regularly appear in local, national, and international headlines...


HU Spotlight: Meet Professor John McKnight

As Harrisburg University continues to grow, so does the number of expert educators the university brings on to deliver an...

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