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Erik Hefti, assistant professor and Director of the Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate program at Harrisburg University has a recently published study, An Analysis of Medication Adherence in a Large Outpatient Population During the COVID-19 Pandemic Using a Novel Value-Based Pharmacy System, which spotlights the benefits of documenting patient medication use outside of the hospital.

“This study highlighted the ability to monitor outpatient adherence to medication regimens in large, diverse populations” says Dr. Hefti. “Adherence, defined as a patient taking a prescribed medication as directed, can impact various clinical outcomes and can help healthcare providers better manage their patients”.  “Traditionally, monitoring medication adherence in patients outside of a hospital is difficult. This was the first large-scale study of adherence in an outpatient population using a novel value-based pharmacy system to document and analyze adherence trends,” 

As Director of the Pharmaceutical Sciences program at Harrisburg University, Dr. Hefti’s primary responsibility is growing an innovative graduate degree program that prepares students for dynamic careers in the biopharmaceutical space.

Dr. Hefti has extensive experience in inpatient and telehealth spaces as a licensed, practicing clinical pharmacist.  He has also taught at the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES) within the National Institutes of Health on behalf of Harrisburg University.

Harrisburg University is proud to have professionals like Dr. Hefti who bring ample outside experience to our university, along with the passion in their field to push the limits of knowledge for student and community benefit.

Read Dr. Hefti’s full study in the Mary Ann Liebert Publication.

Read more about our Master of Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences program, a 36-semester hour degree program with advanced training in characterizing drug action and disposition. Courses offered in this program will give students a broad understanding of diverse topics in pharmaceutical science that range from established paradigms to emerging technology and applications.