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Harrisburg, Pa. – Harrisburg University of Science and Technology has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Karnataka State Higher Education Council that allows Harrisburg University to collaborate with Maharani Cluster University and Karnataka University to promote women participation in STEM education and leadership, develop a cooperative program of international exchange, and promote cooperation in faculty/staff research, education, and faculty/staff, and more.

The MOU also allows the three institutions to work together to develop, organize and host joint academic symposiums, conferences, workshops, and meetings.

“We at Harrisburg University are particularly focused on providing an unmatched higher education in STEM, one that leads to career advancement and meeting the needs of the workforce. And this partnership brings institutions that are committed to the same mission together,” said HU President, Dr. Eric Darr. “I look at this agreement as just a place to start, and as we continue the conversation, I know there will be more energy and more opportunity to work together.”

Harrisburg University, Maharani Cluster University, and Karnataka University initially will collaborate via faculty and student exchanges, joint teacher training programs, lectures, and workshops (Physical and Virtual).

The partnership was fostered for more than a year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, by HU Associate Provost Dr. Robert Furey. HU’s established technology and distance learning resources allowed HU to conduct numerous meetings and continue moving both sides forward in the face of the pandemic, Furey said.

“This is a great opportunity because the MOU is not with just one university, but with a vast university system,” said Furey.  “We were able to get a lot of work done during the past year because we had all of the infrastructure for distance learning already in place. Since we were so well positioned before COVID, we were ready for it. I look forward to continued work with the institutions to grow this partnership.” 

To develop a cooperative program of international exchange and promote women participation in STEM education, the institutions will:  

  • Hold exclusive webinars, workshops & discussion meetings on the physical and virtual platforms for teaching-learning protocols.
  •  Develop joint training programs for teachers across the globe.
  • Create student exchange of selected students.
  • Conduct faculty exchange of selected teachers in several subjects in natural sciences, social sciences, applied subjects and languages.
  • Conduct faculty exchange of teacher trainers in Pedagogy, Human Resources, etc.
  • Develop methods to apply contemporary technology (including Artificial Intelligence) for teacher training, assessment, and accreditation.
  •  Hold joint English and Indian language (as a foreign language) courses for students and teachers.


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