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Meet the highest award winner from HU, Marvelous Aluko, in the category of oral research presentations at the recent PA Academy of Science annual scientific meeting in Erie, PA.  Marvelous is a senior Biology undergraduate student in the Integrative Sciences program.  She has spent the last year writing a research proposal which culminated in experimentation and analysis that she presented to the larger scientific community in PA.  Marvelous studied the effect that vaping frequency has upon the viability of oral bacteria. Much research has been conducted to show the deleterious effects of vaping on the lungs, but the effect that vaping has on the first point of entry into the body, the mouth, has not been investigated until now.  Marvelous’s research expands upon research performed by a former HU undergraduate Faith D’Anna.  Well done Marvelous!! 

Biology Student Wins Highest Award at annual meeting
Biology Student Wins Highest Award at annual meeting

The B.S. in Integrative Sciences was designed to start with the basics of biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics, and then allow students the flexibility to concentrate in Biology, Chemistry, Biological Chemistry or Forensic Investigation.  Learn more about the program here:


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