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In recent years, Harrisburg University (HU) has formed a strong partnership with the School District of Philadelphia (SDP), notably through their College in the High School (CiHS) dual enrollment program and the proliferation of college-level courses for students citywide. Brett Vance, Associate Director of Secondary School Services, Programs, and Partnerships collaborated with school district officials for the creation of a new collaborative agreement totaling 1.575 million dollars. This partnership will finance dual enrollment courses for students through HU over a three-year period.

A new pilot program with SDP began this summer and students at HU’s Philadelphia location at 1500 Spring Garden Street in downtown Philadelphia were able to begin taking on campus dual enrollment courses. To begin their journey with HU, SDP students were able to enroll in COMM 110 Speech. Additional dual enrollment courses are being developed for the Fall and Spring cohorts of students.

With the additional funding, SDP has boosted HU’s college in the high school options for dual enrollment by increasing new partnerships with high schools, including several community schools located in various neighborhoods. For the upcoming academic year, HU Secondary Schools department plans to launch new courses. Over 400 students enrolled at HU through CiHS courses were eligible for college credit during the 2022–2023 school year. The increase in funding will potentially double for dual enrolled students at HU within the next couple of years. 

Students attending CiHS have the chance to receive dual credit from HU while attending classes with their high school teacher. Qualified teachers will work closely with HU Faculty Course leads. This allows students to receive credit for the same course material throughout the course of an entire year as opposed to a score earned only on one exam. These educators can then teach evening or summer courses at the Philadelphia Campus as adjunct professors for HU or HU Online.  

The Secondary Services team is led by John W. Friend, Vice President for Admissions & Secondary Schools, Alexander Gibson, Director of Secondary Services, Brett Vance, Associate Director of Secondary Schools (Philadelphia region), Shani Schalles, Associate Director of CiHS Development, and Faith Michaels, CiHS and Enrichment Coordinator. The Secondary Schools team continues to work diligently to promote new initiatives towards developing educational programs for the Philadelphia Region. 

New collaborations for dual enrollment and enrichment are always welcome. Get more information on Dual Enrollment and HU Enrichment opportunities. Then reach out directly to Alexander Gibson ( if you’d like to learn more about these opportunities for your school!