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Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Professor of Blockchain Technologies Thomas Plunkett published a paper in Vol. 5, Number 1 of the Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy.  Thomas teaches graduate courses on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Blockchain Technology topics for Harrisburg University.  The paper title is “The Blockchain Defensive Patent License as an Alternative to Forking Bitcoin to Block the AsicBoost Patent.”

The paper describes how the AsicBoost patent controversy in Bitcoin led to the creation of the Blockchain Defensive Patent License and may also have influenced the creation of the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance.

The on-line version of the paper can be found here:

The Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy is the first law journal to publish on the greater blockchain technology space. In conjunction with its print run, JBLP is published online and is open access.  Edited by Stanford University and Stanford-affiliated academics and practitioners, JBLP fills a critical need in the field for a neutral, disinterested, and reputable platform to publish high-quality content and to advance discourse. Its scope spans (but is not limited to) the legal aspects of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, regulatory and policy ramifications, governance, and the future of decentralization.  More information on the journal here:

Harrisburg University offers a 36-semester hour Master of Science degree in Next Generation Technologies that concentrates on the next generation of technologies that could cause major disruptions in the way we live and work. Blockchain is a concentration in the program. More information is found online at


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