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A team of Ph.D. students from the Information System Engineering and Management program and Dr. Nushwan Yousif B. Al-Nakash, a professor at Harrisburg University, have conducted groundbreaking research on route optimization. Their study, titled “Advanced Route Optimization using Hybridized Salesforce Geopointe Package,” was recently presented at the 2nd International Conference on Data Science and Intelligent Applications (ICDSIA-2023).

The research project, led by Ph.D. student Jai Keerthy Chowlur Revanna, focuses on exploring the impact of Geopointe, a route optimization tool, on the effectiveness of industrial supply chains. By leveraging the latest advancements in Google Maps and its API, the team proposes a novel method for route optimization specifically tailored to the IT industry.

Route optimization plays a crucial role in determining the fastest and most cost-effective paths for distribution networks between nodes. Improving these routes not only enhances productivity but also has a positive environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions associated with mobile workers. The team compares Geopointe with other techniques, including Salesforce and Geopointe tools, to evaluate their performance, cost-effectiveness, and carbon emissions.

The research article published online on 1 June 2023 in the ITM Web of Conferences (Volume 53, Article Number: 03005) sheds light on the challenges faced in delivery and cost functions by contrasting numerous optimization technologies such as Geopointe, Map Anything, and Amazon. The study emphasizes the significance of robust supply chains across all sectors and highlights how route optimization technologies, including ERP, Salesforce, and NetSuite, can address these challenges.

“We are excited to present our findings on advanced route optimization at the ICDSIA-2023 conference,” said Revanna, Ph.D. student and lead author of the research paper. “Our research demonstrates the potential for Geopointe and other optimization technologies to significantly impact the IT industry and improve supply chain efficiency.”

The collaboration between Ph.D. students Revanna, Emine Arikan, and Nandkumar A. Niture along with the guidance of Dr. Nushwan Yousif B. Al-Nakash, showcases the dedication of Harrisburg University to fostering innovative research in the field of information systems engineering and management.

For further information on the research paper, please access the full article online via the following DOI link: DOI:

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