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The Center for Project Management Innovation (CPMI) at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is delighted to announce the launch of its 2024 Industry Advisory Board (IAB) for the Master’s in Project Management program, led by faculty member Jen Mowery (M.Ed. ABD, SA, PSPO, PSM). This signifies a significant leap in the university’s dedication to shaping the future of project management education.

Expansion of Advisory Board Membership

CPMI seeks to continuously improve project outcomes for the business community and beyond through high-quality professional development. Creativity, connectivity, research, and ongoing training underpin the group’s efforts.

Guided by Jen Mowery’s leadership, the IAB is welcoming new faces and accomplished thought leaders from various industries, creating a diverse tapestry of lived experiences and expertise. This expansion enhances the CPMI’s capacity to adapt to the changing landscape of project management. The new additions to the board in January 2024 are:

  • Matteo Jean, P.Eng, Eur.Eng, PE, CSEP, MBSE (Chief Innovation Officer, CreateBase.AI)
  • Nasmin Jiwani, CSPO, CSM, PMP (Technical Product Manager, Air Culinaire Worldwide)
  • Kristin Lovett, CPM, MA (Owner & Principal Consultant, Kllovett Consulting)
  • Mario Migliori, MBA, PMP®, SAFE 5 Practitioner (Senior Information Technology Project Manager, Fulton Bank)
  • Y. Marie Ortiz, MA (Business Analyst for Pennie Customer Contact Center)

Scope of Advisory Board Discussions

The IAB is actively involved in shaping the future of the Project Management curriculum. The group regularly engages in insightful discussions ranging from identifying key simulations to enhance course materials to exploring interdisciplinary skills. These discussions are centered on preparing graduates for the dynamic demands of the project management field.

Said Jen Mowery: “Collaboration and innovation are at the core of our mission. We envision a curriculum that not only meets industry standards but sets them. Our discussions delve into the forefront of project management, ensuring our graduates are equipped for success in an ever-changing landscape.”

As Harrisburg University pioneers the convergence of STEM education and project management, the university remains committed to delivering cutting-edge programs that empower students to lead and innovate.

Upcoming Annual Conference

HU’s CPMI will host its third annual Project Management Innovation Conference on May 14 –15, 2024. Registration for the conference will be available soon for sponsors and attendees. The theme for the 2024 conference is, “Project management: Bridging communities, cultures, and continents.”