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Interested in a career in cryptocurrency? Want to learn about Bitcoin or Ethereum? The Information Systems Engineering and Management (ISEM) Master’s Program at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology offers graduate courses in blockchain and decentralized finance.

Over one hundred graduate students a year enroll in cryptocurrency courses at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.  Harrisburg currently has two professors teaching cryptocurrency courses: Dr. Thomas Plunkett and Dr. Farooq Anjum.

  • Bitcoin Blockchain, covering the foundations of cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and blockchain, is taught six times a year.
  • Ethereum Blockchain, covering smart contracts, non-fungible tokens, Web3, and decentralized applications, is taught twice a year.
  • Blockchain Scalability, covering the Lightning Network and other blockchain scalability efforts, is taught twice a year.
  • Cryptocurrency and Regulation, covering government regulatory efforts on cryptocurrencies, is taught twice a year.
  • Decentralized Finance, covering how cryptocurrency technologies are disrupting traditional finance and lending, is taught twice a year.

Students can take the courses as part of the Information Systems Engineering and Management graduate degree program at the University. For more information on the ISEM program at Harrisburg University, visit online at


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