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Candidates with a minimum of a high school diploma or GED can earn a salary, relevant work experience and college credit at Harrisburg University.

Woz Enterprise is recruiting candidates looking to start a career in technology for its United States Department of Labor-approved apprenticeship program. The Woz Enterprise technology apprenticeship program arms individuals with day-one job skills, places them in entry-level technology jobs, and sets them on the path to earn a bachelor’s degree in an in-demand field like software development or application infrastructure and support. Potential apprentices need only a high school diploma, GED, or associate’s degree to apply, depending on the opportunity.

Selected applicants will receive eight weeks of online pre-apprenticeship training, working on real-world projects while earning a salary. Candidates may earn up to 30 college credits from Harrisburg University. Upon completion of training, selected individuals will be eligible for an apprenticeship or direct hire position.

“The demand for technology jobs is only going to increase, yet people often shy away from looking into these stable and well-paying careers because they feel that they don’t have the relevant experience to get into the industry or can’t afford the training required to succeed,” said Chris Coleman, President of Woz U. “With our apprenticeship program, candidates earn a salary, while gaining on-the-job-experience and credit toward a college degree.”

In today’s uncertain labor market, the technology sector still provides a stable stream of jobs for people with the proper skill set. Woz Enterprise is currently looking for apprentices in software development, a field that is expected to grow 22 percent through 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, well above the growth rate of all other career fields.

“The traditional pathways and technology degree programs aren’t producing the necessary volume of ready-to-perform IT talent,” said Coleman. “Apprenticeships are a great value proposition for all involved, meeting the staffing needs of top tech employers while providing income and great, flexible training to individuals.”

For more information, or to apply for an apprenticeship, please visit the website. To schedule interviews, contact Ana Pereira at

About Woz Enterprise

Woz is an Arizona-based digital learning eco-system designed to train, cultivate, and upgrade talent in technology fields to meet the workforce needs of today and the future. As a division of Woz U, Woz Enterprise helps recruit, retrain, and retain qualified employees with flexible, customizable, career-focused training content, with the option to white-label programs using our proprietary learning experience platform. With a curriculum that is updated every two weeks, we are empowering individuals in high-demand technology careers and helping to close the skills gap while adhering to global technology education and business standards. We help companies achieve their objectives by providing valuable technology training tools to upskill their workforce and ultimately grow their business.