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Harrisburg University congratulates Ph.D. Analytics students Emily Wefelmeyer and Pranita Patil on a job well done in presenting their research project titled: “Extracting Signal from the Noisy Environment of an Ecosystem” at the Symposium on Data Science and Statistics hosted by the American Statistical Association (ASA) this week in Bellevue, Wash.

During the presentation, Emily and Pranita were asked three difficult and technical questions by a statistician and they were ‘spot on’ with their responses, said Analytics Professor Dr. Billie Anderson.

“The student’s strong presentation is a direct testament to their hard work in preparing for this conference and the effort, time, and mentorship that Dr. Kevin Purcell has provided them,” Dr. Anderson said. “We, as a faculty, should be very proud that Emily and Pranita represent our Ph.D. in Data Science program.”