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A group of Harrisburg University students will deliver virtual demonstrations of tabletop games they developed during a local gaming convention taking place this weekend. And anyone interested in playtesting the student games themselves are invited to do so during the event.

Students enrolled in HU’s IMED 315 Tabletop Game Design Studio course will present their games during what is dubbed Save Against Fear, a three-day convention presented by The Bodhana Group. The Bodhana Group, based in York County, combines the love for tabletop games with the love for community by showcasing all of the benefits gaming can accomplish.

This class is taught by Anthony Ortega of Harrisburg University and board game industry veteran Luke Peterschmidt who has worked for Wizards of the Coast, has successfully crowdfunded multiple projects through his own studio, Fun to 11, and currently works for Alderac Entertainment Group which is one of the largest international tabletop game publishers.

This semester, Ortega and Peterschmidt’s students are brainstorming, developing, prototyping, and playtesting their own tabletop game ideas with the goal of publishing their finished prototypes by the end of the semester. They are also introduced to the entrepreneurial aspects of professionally designing tabletop games. Prototyping supplies have been generously donated by The Game Crafter and Legion Premium Supplies, and The Bodhana Group, which has generously waived registration fees so that HU students could attend the convention at no cost.

Harrisburg University and The Bodhana Group are also collaborating on a Presidential Research Grant project that involves the study of the therapeutic effects of tabletop role playing games on individuals suffering from social anxiety.

Students demonstrating their games include:

  • Dominic Walker | Kingdom Clash | Friday October 9 @ 2pm
  • Sierra Kirby | Wizard Clash | Saturday October 10 @ 12:30pm
  • Jasmine Duncan | Before the Dawn | Saturday October 10 @ 2:30pm 
  • Leon Holly | Dark Souls: Boss Rush | Saturday October 10 @ 4:30pm

Anyone interested in playtesting the student games will need to purchase a pass to the convention ($25) and they will need a copy of the Tabletop Simulator ($20) which can be found Here. To register for the convention, visit the Save Against Fear website.

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