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Students across a spectrum of STEM majors conduct research in Harrisburg University’s 12th floor Chemistry Lab to gain hands-on experience working with sophisticated instruments they will harness when they move into the workforce. Inside the lab’s instrumentation room, Chemistry Professor Dr. Andrea Nagy and other faculty members engage students in projects that teach them how to prepare samples, calibrate, and operate these instruments, while showing them how to read, analyze, and report their findings.  

Below is the first of a series of videos about the state-of-the-art instruments HU students routinely use in their labs and to conduct research. In the video, Dr. Nagy introduces viewers to the 12th floor Chemistry Lab Instrumentation Room and discusses the University’s Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer, which researchers use to analyze the connectivity of atoms to determine the structure of molecules, and more.  

Research that provides students with hands-on experience which employers search for during the hiring process is a cornerstone of Harrisburg University’s curriculum. To learn more about the University’s experience-driven undergraduate and graduate degree STEM programs visit


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