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Jai Keerthy Chowlur Revanna and his Thesis Supervisor Professor Nushwan Yousuf B. Al-Nakash are excited to share that their Conference Paper, ‘Metaheuristic Link Prediction (MLP) Using AI-Based ACO-GA Optimization Model for Solving Vehicle Routing Problem’ has been published in the esteemed Springer Journal “International Journal of Information Technology.”

Here is a brief description of the paper taken from the abstract:

Delivering goods is crucial to the supply chain industry because it directly affects package delivery, a crucial aspect of real-time vehicle movement on which most e-commerce businesses rely. By improving the vehicle routing process, package delivery speed could be increased, and especially for medical emergency-related items, this will drastically impact the nature of delivery, cost, and time spent on it. This is being done to prepare an efficient routing model for the vehicle route, which will ultimately result in an improved path. As they have a variety of restrictions, the goal of this article is to identify the various parameters that, when used with a multi-objective optimization-based routing model, will satisfy the limit. The routing route may be made more efficient using ant colony optimization (ACO) in conjunction with an upgraded recurrent model of the genetic algorithm (GA). To achieve this, the ACO-GA optimization method known as metaheuristic link prediction (MLP) was used for parameter prediction. This method offers an evaluation of the relationship between the emission of CO2 (carbon dioxide), the trip region, and the other associated parameters. The authors of this study compare the findings of their prior work, which combined ACO and K-means clustering to get better results. Once the results are established, they will become the primary objective function of the optimization algorithm, which will be responsible for choosing the path that is connected to the parameter values. The complete procedure of the suggested method was simulated and evaluated using the publicly accessible data set of Solomon’s benchmark data set with the property pairs, and then it was compared with the ACO-K-means method. In addition to this, the current algorithm is compared with other vehicle routing algorithms to improve the process.

You can access the paper through the following link:  Metaheuristic link prediction (MLP) using AI based ACO-GA optimization model for solving vehicle routing problem | SpringerLink