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The US federal government banned the consumer-level usage of lead paint in 1978. Some state legislatures took action even earlier than that. Even so, lead paint continues to be a health-impacting presence throughout the built environment in America and beyond, including in millions of homes, schools, and office buildings.

Lead exposure remains a considerable threat. Researchers in 2018 concluded that 412,000 people lose their lives unnecessarily each year because of lead contamination. That figure was 10 times higher than researchers previously believed.

Homeowners and building managers don’t have to face this silent threat alone, however.

Dr. Michael Meyer – Assistant Professor of Earth Systems Science at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology – recently provided some insights into the country’s lead paint amelioration efforts and highlighted some of the resources available to the public.

To read about Dr. Meyer’s insights, and to see how your city ranks on Paint Gnome’s list of the most lead-vulnerable cities, be sure to read the full article here.

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