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July 27, 2023

We offer our students the opportunity to specialize and focus on their career development. This requirement of HU’s curriculum gives learners the opportunity to build in what they would like to learn from their program in a platform of a “learning by doing” approach. National Intern Day is a special day where we want to celebrate our interns and future leaders!

We checked in with some of our HU students completing their required internship experiences to learn more about how they are applying what they have learned at HU at their internship.

Pictured is Kimberley Bernard, Computer and Information Sciences

intern at Mynoex Kimberley Bernard

Kimberley Bernard, a Computer and Information Sciences major, is currently conducting her internship with Mynoex as an IT Infrastructure Intern.

Kimberley shared, “One skill that I have been developing/enhancing is project management! Because I have over four projects at once, having the ability to always keep track of the current status of projects demonstrates great organization, leadership, time management, and communication skills to name a few.” Kimberley has also been offered to continue her internship with Myonex while she finishes up her last semester at HU this Fall.

intern at UPMC Gabrielle Donahoe

Gabrielle Donahoe, an Integrative Sciences major, is interning with UPMC as Laboratory Intern, and Morgan Duffy, a Biotechnology major, is a Scientific Bench Level Intern with Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories. Each of these students are gaining critical hands-on experience in the laboratory their organizations. Morgan noted, “I have enjoyed meeting all the new people I have been exposed to. I also enjoy working with new people and seeing the slight differences between their work.”

intern at Dauphin County Mackenize Millhouse

Mackenize Millhouse, a Geospatial Technology major is conducting an internship with Dauphin County. Mackenize’s internship has provided the opportunity to leverage technology included in the Geospatial Technology program. Mackenize remarked, “I appreciate learning how ArcGIS pro Enterprise databases are used in a governmental setting.”

Pictured is Mary Saleeb, Information Systems and Information Technology

interns at Pheonix Contact Alexander Giblin and Mary Saleeb

Alexander Giblin and Mary Saleeb (pictured) majors in Information Systems and Information Technology, secured their internships with Pheonix Contact as IT Service Desk Specialist Interns. Alexander and Mary each shared they have been able to develop and enhance their skillsets in information technology. Mary stated one skill she has enhanced through her experience has been, “Troubleshooting. Although I had a good knowledge base with it, my internship is helping me develop and enhance what I am currently skilled at.”

Pictured is Sanaa Manley

intern at DC Water Sanaa Manley

Sanaa Manley a fellow major in Information Systems and Information Technology, secured an internship with DC Water as an Information Security Analyst Intern. Sanaa has expressed “It’s a great experience that’s helping me better my knowledge in my career field.”

Kimberley Bernard and Mary Saleeb, are included among the nominees for the Top 100 Intern List for 2023.

Both students will be evaluated by a 30 percent public vote and 70 percent of the criteria will be judged by an expert panel reviewing intern nominees’ impact, work ethic, project contributions, professional development, and future career plans.

If you would like to aid our nominated HU students through the public vote evaluation, be sure to vote for Kimberley and Mary! Voting is limited to one vote per person per day.

Winners will be announced in the coming weeks.

On behalf of Harrisburg University, we celebrate our interns and express our thanks and appreciation to our partnering organizations!

Happy National Intern Day!

If you would be interested to impact a student’s experience and learn more about hosting an HU student as an intern, contact