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Dreams. Goals. Knowledge. Inspiration. 

At Harrisburg University, the possibilities are limitless. Our students embrace their future because Harrisburg University knows you can’t measure potential—you just watch it develop.

Our STEM-focused curriculum establishes the foundation for a student experience at Harrisburg University unlike any other private university.

Guided by faculty who are respected leaders in their fields, our students transform classroom education into careers that make a difference in the world. At Harrisburg University, it’s more than just the four walls. When you enroll, you become part of a diverse, vibrant community, in which school and city are partners in the pursuit of excellence for our students. And you are the very fabric that makes Harrisburg University a cornerstone of innovation, an agent of growth, a place where opportunity has no boundaries. From around the globe, students come to Harrisburg University to broaden their knowledge, expand their horizons, explore the unknown, nurture their ideas, and grow into leaders.

Together, #WEAREHU. And #YOUAREHU. Your story begins here.

“My name is Yash Nagal, and I am currently a Senior Transit Planner in Palm Beach County Florida. In December 2015, I made my leap of faith and immigrated from India to the land of opportunity. At 22 years of age, with a strong accent and not enough context to communicate, my surroundings were quickly becoming a scary place. But with a strong desire to build me, education became my door to development.

Through continuous education, I was able to learn new invaluable skills, both hard and soft, which kept me competitive throughout the years and allowed me to add value to others around me. After my first year of being a transit planner, I quickly realized that problem-solving and project management were closely related. No matter which industry you work in, we all have projects. Shortly after, I had enrolled in the Master of Science Project Management Program at HU, and it has been an unbelievable experience.

From the first semester, I saw my work performance go up, and it was as if I could see problems from angles no one else could see. Not only did I become faster, but I also became more creative. The Master of Science Project Management Prom at HU almost provides an unfair competitive advantage! From the basics of communication to the mastery of leadership, it covers everything. The community of learners at HU will take you through a journey of traditional project management systems, but you will be an expert in Agile before you know it. Enrolling at HU was one of the best decisions I ever made, and if you want to be one step closer to your dreams, then there’s no place greater to be than this community of leaders and innovators!”

For more information about Harrisburg University’s Master of Science Degree in Project Management program, click here.


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