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Harrisburg University Presents has rejuvenated the live music scene in Harrisburg. 

Routinely bringing national artists to the region has attracted thousands of people to the city and beyond, creating an energy that inspired local artist Diane Foster to create an artwork dedicated to Harrisburg University concerts.

The mixed-medium piece, now displayed at Harrisburg University, represents the energy of the concert crowds, musical talents, energy the shows create, HU students, and more. It features a mosaic of HU Presents concert tickets and posters in the shape of a guitar, computer components, and other symbolic objects.

“The fact that our shows inspired Diane to create such a unique and inspiring artwork speaks to the buzz and energy Harrisburg University Presents shows have generated,” said Frank Schofield, HU Director of Live Music and Media Services. “A big thank you goes out to Diane for sharing her talents to create this awesome gift to the University.”

We recently caught up with Foster to discuss the artwork and learn a little more about her.  

Here is what we learned:

Q: Tell us about the HU Concert Series artwork. Does it have a name/title? What does it depict?

A: I left the piece untitled on purpose so the students could participate in picking the name. The piece depicts the combination of the technical and instrumental side of music. It shows how they work together to meld into something beautiful.

Q: What prompted you to create the piece?

A: Harrisburg University has done wonders for the community by bringing national acts to the area. Having attended multiple concerts in the series, I felt inspired to create something that encompassed the energy of the crowd, the talent of the musicians, and the knowledge of the students, all in one piece. Although I was not gifted with the ability to provide auditory forms of art, I am able to translate the music into a visual experience.

Q: Where are you from/live today?

A: I’m originally from York, Pa., and moved to Harrisburg in 2020. I love being so close to the Susquehanna Art Museum and seeing all the murals popping up all over our beautiful city. Harrisburg is increasingly supportive of the arts, and I hope that only continues to grow.

Q: Tell us about your art background? What mediums do you typically work with and is this something you do on the side or fulltime?

A: I attended Antonelli Art Institute and have a B.A. in Fine Arts. Watercolors were my first love, but then I moved to pastels when my children were born. Now, I mostly paint with acrylics but have been adding wood, glass, or even computer parts into my paintings. Blurring painting and sculptures are going extremely well for me and I have turned out a few of those. I paint on the side, and sometimes more than others, and it all depends on my mood!

Q: How can people learn more about your artwork and/or purchase it?

A: My paintings are for sale at Artworks and Framer’s Workshop. In the future, I would like to get into Etsy and local artist markets such as the HBG Flea. I would love to hold a conversation with anyone who is also passionate about art!

Q: What makes the HU Concert Series artwork unique/what do you hope people get from it?

A: The art made for the Concert Series is the first time that I have ever used computer parts in a piece. It has opened up a door for a variety of objects to be utilized in my art in the future. I hope this inspires more people to look at random objects and realize that art can be made from anything.


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