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Harrisburg University (HU) is proud to celebrate the achievements of its Class of 2023 graduates, who have excelled in their respective programs of study. As these graduates reflect on their educational journeys, it becomes evident that HU’s commitment to experiential education and career development has played a crucial role in their success.

Supported by the university’s Career Services & Experiential Learning team, HU students have gained valuable internships and hands-on experiences that have prepared them for the challenges of the workforce. Whether pursuing graduate studies or entering their desired professions, HU graduates stand out for their expertise and practical skills acquired through small class sizes and personal guidance from esteemed professors. Join Annie Marie Bencum, Donoven Lam, Courtney Bullock, Jalisa Reeves, Stacey Phillips, Trenton Howard, Troyan Chaney, Tyler Shomper, Nivedita Konnur, and Sudsudharsan Muthukrishnansreedharar as they share their inspiring stories of perseverance, growth, and accomplishment as part of the Class of 2023.

Their dedication, combined with HU’s diverse range of technologically advanced graduate degree programs, including Information Systems Engineering and Management, Computer and Information Sciences, Integrative Sciences, Interactive Media, Analytics, and Project Management, has truly shaped their futures and positioned them for success in their chosen fields. The HU experience fosters lasting relationships with fellow students and professors, creating a supportive and enriching environment. As HU graduates embark on their next adventures, they carry the transformative power of their education and the confidence to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

No matter your situation, HU’s technologically diverse graduate degree programs offer convenient schedules with courses available online, during weekends, and evenings. Annie Marie Bencum, class of 2023, is HU Proud. As a mother of three, while holding down an IT Solutions Associate Architect job for a bank, Bencum earned her Master of Science in Information Systems Engineering and Management. In the following video, Bencum shares how HU led her to her educational and career goals.

 With small class sizes taught by the foremost experts in their fields, HU students receive unparalleled one-on-one interaction with professors that guide them to success. Whether it’s graduate school or the workforce, HU students are sought after because of the hands-on experience and expertise they possess when they graduate. In the following video, Donoven Lam, who recently earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Sciences at HU, discusses how his experience at our Philadelphia location has opened the door for his next step – graduate school.

Perseverance. Dedication. Resources. Family and Friends. Starting your freshman year during the COVID-19 pandemic, it took all this and more to make it to graduation day. At HU, Courtney Bullock persevered and excelled, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrative Sciences and landing a job with Eurofins Scientific.

At Harrisburg University, you won’t just earn an in-demand STEM degree that leads to a rewarding career; you’ll build lasting relationships. Jalisa Reeves, Class of 2023, earned a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media from HU. But she also built lasting friendships with peers and professors, enriching her college career.

When Stacey Phillips arrived at Harrisburg University, she “felt like a kid in a candy shop” because she found a degree program she loved. After recently graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interactive Media, Phillips is entering the career field of her dreams – Graphic Design. HU’s B.S. in Interactive Media can help you harness the technical, artistic, and management aspects of this dynamic career.

Trenton Howard, Class of 2023, is “stoked” and “more than happy” because he earned an in-demand STEM degree from Harrisburg University. For Howard, possessing a four-year degree from Harrisburg University shows determination, dedication, grit, and curiosity.

Harrisburg University offers many STEM degrees that lead to exciting, lucrative careers. Troyan Chaney, Class of 2023, earned a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media from HU. This program introduces students to new media, interactivity, interaction design, human-computer interaction, digital culture, video games, social media, virtual reality, and more.

Harrisburg University professors are invested. They’re invested in YOU.  That makes earning a STEM degree from HU so special, according to 2023 graduate Tyler Shomper. “They wanted to help the students succeed as best as possible,” said Shomper, who earned a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media. “It was definitely a very memorable experience with the professors.”

Data analysts are forging new relationships in every discipline: business, healthcare, geology, mathematics and statistics, biology, chemistry, computer science, and more. Graduates of Harrisburg University’s Master of Science in Analytics degree program become data scientists and analysts in finance, marketing, operations, and business intelligence working groups that generate and consume large amounts of data. In the following video, Nivedita Konnur discusses her journey to earning an M.S. in Analytics at HU.

Interested in Project Management? The Master of Science Degree Program for Project Management at Harrisburg University offers traditional and agile project management programs that respond to local and global needs using online and face-to-face instructional methods. HU’s M.S. in Project Management program provides innovative academic and experiential learning opportunities that require students to understand, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate projects, teams, and leaders in an enterprise environment. In the following video, Sudsudharsan Muthukrishnansreedharar shares how he recently earned his M.S. in Project Management and is furthering his career.


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