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It’s a little unusual to think about but is becoming somewhat of a reality: What would happen in our society if the machines seized control?

Jay Jayamohan has painted a picture of this concept in Architecture & Governance Magazine, in his latest article “Tech Revolution: The Rise of Automation and Its Impact on Society” where he covers a range of ways automation will impact our lives:

  • How automation is predicted to effect job disparities
  • How employers can support workers susceptible to automation’s impact
  • How it may influence transportation, finance, manufacturing, and retail
  • And how we can best prepare and be proactive with automation

Ultimately Jayamonhan hopes we “…embark on this technology-driven journey with optimism and pragmatism, as we usher in a new era of innovation and transformation.” 

Read the full story on the Architecture & Governance Magazine website.

Jay Jayamohan is the Executive Director of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Harrisburg University.


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