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A Harrisburg University (HU) professor teamed with an HU research scientist and a colleague to discuss the University’s innovative Aquaponics Monitoring and Control System project and manufacturing automation systems during two presentations given during the Phoenix Contact  EduNet Conference 2022 that took place in Paris on June 8-9.

Advanced Manufacturing Professor Glenn Williams, HU Research Scientist Joseph Tetreault, and Phoenix Contact Solutions Engineer Joshua Krug delivered the first presentation. The presentation, titled, “HU Aquaponics Monitoring and Control System,” outlines the design and implementation of technology that will regularly take measurements from the University’s aquaponics lab.

What is dubbed HU AqMCS Dashboard, under development at HU, will systematically collect, store, and web-publish the measurement data (air temperature, water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, etc.), for HU researchers, scientists, and the public to use for scientific research. To view the presentation, click here.

During the second presentation, “Physical Control Over Manufacturing Automation Systems in Digital Factories,” Williams and Krug outlined three different technologies and how they work individually. They also shared how they implemented the use of the technology into a senior-level course at HU that taught students to learn and test their own program.

Much of the manufacturing that takes place across the globe today is considered Advanced Manufacturing due to the addition of information, computation, automation, devices, software, sensing, and networking to the manufacturing process – also known as “Industry 4.0.”

Harrisburg University’s Advanced Manufacturing Program prepares students for the ever-increasing and ever-changing technological demands of Industry 4.0.

To view Williams and Krug’s “Physical Control over Manufacturing Automation Systems in Digital Factories” presentation, click here.

“The conference was very successful, and it provided an opportunity to showcase what students and faculty, in cooperation with Phoenix Contact, are working on and learning about today,” Williams said. “HU values the ongoing relationship with Phoenix Contact as we work together to educate students.”


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