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Date: 12/13/2019
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Room 1151| Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

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The law of digital data states the more people that have access to the data, the greater the risk to the organization. And, the corollary is the more you share the data, the more value your organization gains. How do you reckon these two ideas?

The ability of an organization to manage its data is crucial to survival in 2019 and years to come. In this one-hour community forum, we will discuss some strategies for implementing data governance in your organization. Data governance is the set of comprehensive data and risk management policies and processes that organizations must establish and follow for good data management. We will examine some of the best practices that you can implement in your organization for data ownership, rights and responsibilities of data owners and accountability for the data.

A light lunch will be provided. If your organization’s policy precludes you from accepting lunch at free events, there will be a collection jar. The value of the lunch is $5.

Billie AndersonDr. Billie Anderson

Professor of Analytics
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Dr. Billie Anderson is a Professor of Analytics at Harrisburg University. She currently teaches a graduate level Data Visualization course in the Analytics program at Harrisburg University. She also is the lead instructor and developer for a Data Analytics Certificate Program for working professionals. In the certificate program, she works with local government and businesses to help them assess their analytical maturity. The certificate program allows participants to develop a plan for their organization to obtain a higher level of analytical maturity.


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