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Date: 12/02/2020
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Webinar | Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Contrary to its moniker, “Zero Trust” is about a new architecture that can provide your organization far greater trust overall.  Moving from unwieldly large enterprise attack surfaces to smaller nimble protect surfaces is a fundamental component of zero trust.  As the Chief Trust Officer for Unisys, Tom Patterson is a strong advocate for organizations adopting a Zero Trust posture, as the benefits to all stakeholders are significant.  Tom will cover the basic principles of this new approach, examples of adoption, and the long term enterprise benefits in terms of risk, costs, and labor.

tom pattersonTom Patterson

Chief Trust Officer

Tom Patterson is the Chief Trust Officer for Unisys. An acclaimed security expert with three decades of experience across all facets of security, Tom is a published author and keynote speaker providing compelling insight into cybersecurity issues of the day, with a view into a more secure tomorrow.

At Unisys, Tom is focused on extending trust and security to hundreds of global stakeholders including governments and critical infrastructure companies that rely on Unisys to protect national borders, transact trillions of dollars, deliver energy to millions, secure global air transit, provide healthcare to entire populations, and architect a safer tomorrow. ​Tom has served on several public company boards and advised the FBI, Secret Service, and White House on security issues. He currently holds a Top-Secret clearance and serves pro-bono on the Ft. Gordon Cyber District Alliance and the Security Innovation Network boards. Tom also has been appointed to and currently serves as the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee’s (NSTAC) Cyber Moonshot Working Group co-lead.

Prior to Unisys, Tom has run security services for Deloitte in EMEA, and was IBM’s Chief eCommerce Strategist. Tom has worked on security for the launch of a nuclear aircraft carrier and space shuttle as well as with the U.S. Government and businesses around the world. The author of Mapping Security, Tom is a frequent guest security expert on TV including CNBC, Fox and CNN, blogs regularly on Twitter @TomTalks, and speaks frequently at Davos, World Economic Forum, TEDx, DoJ, DoD, SIFMA, East-West Institute, and many other high-level government and industry events around the world.

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