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Date: 6/12/2024
Time: All Day

Welcome to the next frontier of technological innovation at our annual summit, this year’s theme is:

“Creating Tomorrow’s World: Generative AI, Advanced Machine Learning and Data Visualization Unleashed.”

Building upon the success of last year’s theme, which focused on “Leading the Way – The Data-Driven Organization,” we are excited to propel you into a realm where artificial intelligence, advanced machine learning, and dynamic data visualization converge to shape the future.

Join us at the forefront of a technological revolution in ‘Creating Tomorrow’s World.’  In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, the journey towards creating tomorrow’s world is driven by the seamless integration of Generative AI, Advanced Machine Learning, and the artistry of Data Visualization.

Whether you’re a seasoned data professional or starting to professionally explore the realms of Generative AI, Advanced Machine Learning, and Data Visualization, this event is a vibrant hub for learning, sharing, and growing.

Dive into a journey of discover and collaboration, where your insights and experiences form the cornerstone of tomorrow’s innovations.

The Data Analytics Summit brings together hundreds of professionals to engage in topics related to data analytics. Attendees represent the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as well as representatives from federal and local governments, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. Attendee demographics are a mix among practitioners, front-line staff, and executive management. Past events have reached over 300 attendees!