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PMGT 563 Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

This course will provide the student with a solid understanding of emotional intelligence and its principles and how it can be developed in each project leader. The student will also learn and apply a variety of strategies to develop their own emotional intelligence and to enhance their own self-awareness and self-management, along with developing relationship management skills to create successful project outcomes. Throughout the course, the student will also gain an understanding of how to use emotional intelligence to create a positive team environment and learn techniques to develop an emotionally intelligent organization. Through this course, the student will learn best practices in developing their self-motivation and gain an understanding of how change can be created using emotional intelligence. The EQ I 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment is offered as a component of this course providing the student with a unique insight into their current level of emotional intelligence skills.

Course ID: PMGT 563

Semester Hours: 3

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