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MEBA 210 Intro to Internet and Web Technol

The main objective of this course is to introduce the current as well as emerging Internet and Web technologies that enable and drive the modern enterprises. The student is exposed to the key building blocks (enterprise applications, computing platforms, databases, and networks) of the modern Internet-Web infrastructure. Through experiments and examples, the main ideas of the Internet, the ISPs, wireless networks, Classical Web, Semantic Web, XML, Web 2.0, social networking, wireless web, and mobile apps are explained. The course exposes the student to the main apsects of web-based software development processes through simple hands-on projects. The student is introduced to the basic software concepts by developing simple web sites by using HML5 and CSS3 and then using Javascript, Java applets, XML and XSL to introduce more sophisticated features. The student also has an opportunity to develop a simple web portal that involves simple database queries by using SQL.

Course ID: MEBA 210

Semester Hours: 3

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