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 Gail  Bronwyn Lese, M.D., M.B.A

Gail Bronwyn Lese, M.D., M.B.A Corporate Faculty (HCMS)

Gail Bronwyn Lese, M.D., M.B.A., is the Founder and Chairman of Lese Investments and the Founder of HealthyMee™, the revolutionary, Patented and globally intellectually property protected, game-changing Healthcare IT and Social Media company.

HealthyMee™ profoundly improves the provision of patient care with demonstrable and monetizable improved quality of health outcomes, shifting the paradigm to the way it should be: putting patients, their families and their comprehensive health and wellness needs, and the needs of health care providers to be able to take good care of the patients they are entrusted to serve, First and Foremost. HealthyMee™ has created the world’s first secure patient-centric healthcare IT customer focused user interface (UI) which allows patients to easily access their comprehensive healthcare information, and for healthcare professionals across multiple fields, to have one interface to access a patient’s full health history. Built and led by global leading technology and healthcare pioneers, HealthyMee™ is positioned to become an industry leader in the $104.5 billion global and exponentially growing Healthcare IT market, ready for disruption. Dr. Lese has a distinguished track record in finance and in medicine. As the Fund Manager of the $100 million Fidelity Select Food and Agriculture Portfolio, Dr. Lese led the fund to achieving one of the highest returns in the United States (within nine months of assuming leadership of the fund), during one of the worst financial market declines in United States history. The fund was identified by BusinessWeek as one of “The Best Mutual Funds” (October 8, 2001). Dr. Lese outperformed the S&P 500 by 29.3% during her tenure as fund manager, with beta=0.20. The Morningstar fund rating was raised to the highest rating of 5 Stars from 3 Stars (3-year performance) during her leadership. Dr. Lese earned a Master in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, a Doctor in Medicine from Cornell University Medical College, and she is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Lehigh University, earning a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Philosophy and Biology. Prior to entering the investment profession, Dr. Lese practiced medicine in Los Angeles. She did her medical training in Pediatric Medicine and Pediatric Neurological Surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Dr. Lese has conducted medical and policy research that has received national and international acclaim. Her research has been published in leading medical journals including: Neurosurgery, Archives of Neurology, and the European Journal of Pediatric Surgery. In addition, she has been cited as a Research Assistant in prestigious peer-reviewed legal journals,

Dr. Lese has a deep commitment to public service and volunteerism. Her extensive volunteer service has included serving on the board of directors of the Foundation for Gender Equality, the Mass Mentoring Partnership, the American Red Cross and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cape Cod; founding multiple community service programs, serving as a volunteer at the L.A. Free Clinic; and the Make a Wish Foundation, including numerous others.