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Through the eyes of Dr. Stanley Nwoji, the students at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology are full of inspiration and new ideas.

As one of the most recent additions to HU’s diverse faculty, Dr. Nwoji is looking forward to cultivating a spirit of curiosity, hard work and accomplishment in each student who sits in his lectures, steps into his office or engages him in the hallway.

After being a member of corporate faculty since 2014, Dr. Nwoji accepted the full-time position as HU’s Director of Management and E-Business Administration, as well as the role of Assistant Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship under the Information, Science, Engineering and Management Program.

“I hope to invest all I know and have learned into my students,” Dr. Nwoji said. “I want them to be rigorous and to solve complex societal problems by applying concepts and theories they have learned in my class. I want them to have the ability to investigate the world and come up with innovations.”

Dr. Nwoji brings a global perspective to his classroom. As the International Director of Millions for Christ Missions, Dr. Nwoji and his wife have worked in four continents by training people to change the world by starting schools, hospitals and churches where they didn’t exist before.

His education also is vast, including a bachelor’s in Biochemistry and Pharmacology, a post graduate diploma in Business with a specialization in Management, an MBA, a master’s in Data Analytics and a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies and Leadership.

Before arriving at Harrisburg University, Dr. Nwoji spent eight years at Trinity Washington University in Washington, D.C., where he taught more than 16 courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels. He was appointed Chair for the Institute Research Board of the School of Professional Studies and was a member of the Professional Development Committee.

When he decided he wanted to do more with data, Dr. Nwoji pursued his master’s degree in Data Analytic and felt he could better serve students at a school more focused on technology and science. His search led him to Harrisburg University, where he connected with other faculty members.

“The first thing that attracted me to HU was the professors,” he said. “They were great in their various fields and yet very humane.”

Dr. Nwoji also liked that HU presented opportunities for great academic work.

As a young university, he said, HU afforded diligent researchers great opportunities to contribute to their areas of study.

The diverse and inclusive student population also attracted Dr. Nwoji to HU, where he’s had the opportunity to interact with students from different cities, nations and backgrounds.

In addition to giving students an exceptional academic experience, Dr. Nwoji strives to teach them how to apply what they have learned to an ever complex and changing world.

“The students here are able to have upward mobility where they work, and at the same time they are empowered to innovate new ventures that will employ other people,” he said. “In this way, they are able to compete globally and locally. My students are my best answers to the world’s problems.”