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A poster outlining research conducted in Harrisburg University’s Social Robotics Lab will be displayed at the 2023 American Marketing Association Winter Academic Conference. The poster displays the work of Professor Andre L’Huillier , Professor Wei-Kang Kao , and M.S. student Bo Wan, all from the Data Analytics program. They explore the relevance of the user’s social identity and its relation to using a server robot. Similarity and anthropomorphism have been accepted as key factors for service robotics adoption. Authors explore if the customer’s perceived age group or gender identification plays a role in their service interaction with a robot.

The Social Robotics Lab is part of a larger interest to study the intersection between technology and marketing. The speed at which robots have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, e.g., chatbots and social robots, is disrupting business as usual, especially in the service and hospitality industries. The use of the NAO model has contributed to the development of real-world and online experiments. The research on technology and markets extends to other projects like Twitch community behaviors of donation with Professor Charles Palmer and student Narges Pourshian.

To learn more about the project, please visit the following link.


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