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A nationwide shortage of prescription mixed amphetamine salts, more commonly referred to by their name-brand version Adderall, is leading people to find other ways to get the drug.

“There are a lot of illicit uses for Adderall, so that demand is there,” said Executive Director and Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Harrisburg University Erik Hefti. “And not only that, it’s heavily regulated, so it’s difficult to get legitimate Adderall.”

FOX-43 recently interviewed Hefti on the knock-off versions of the drug

“Counterfeit medications don’t have any quality control per se,” Hefti said. “So you really don’t know what you’re taking and that can be very dangerous in a lot of different ways.”

Watch the segment here:

Hefti is the executive director of the Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate program at Harrisburg University. He is a licensed pharmacist in both New York and Pennsylvania that has extensive clinical practice experience in inpatient and telehealth spaces. He has also taught at the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES) within the National Institutes of Health on behalf of Harrisburg University.

This 36-semester hour Master of Science degree program in Pharmaceutical Sciences consists of advanced training in characterizing drug action and disposition. Courses offered in this program will give students a broad understanding of diverse topics in pharmaceutical science that range from established paradigms to emerging technology and applications.


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