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Working with educators, and other leaders from Central Pennsylvania’s biotech firms, government agencies, industry, local community colleges, and area school districts, CABP is one of the unique programs that brings Biotechnology and Nano(bio)technology skills under one umbrella. It delivers a quality educational collaborative plan to high school and college students, and science career-seekers. Building upon the exhaustive and industry-aligned curriculum taught through the program, CABP offers opportunities for the area students to enter the biotech workforce, thereby decreasing the time companies need to train employees and ensuring biotech firms have access to qualified workers.



Grant Funded Resources, Events, and Activities

Laboratory Equipment

The grant funding supported the purchase of the following high-end, major research grade equipment in addition to several other small lab machines.

  1. Shimadzu Spectrophotometer fitted with thermal melting accessory
  2. Shimadzu Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
  3. Shimadzu HPLC fitted with Quaternary solvent system
  4. Leica Netcam fitted with Fluorescence Accessories
  5. Leica Inverted Microscope fitted with Fluorescence Accessories
  6. Fluorochem Gel Documentation System
  7. BioRad Thermocycler
  8. Maker Bot- the first 3D Printer at the university
  9. Nanodrop
  10. Chromatography- peristatic pump, fraction collector, HPLC columns

Summer Biotechnology Camps

CABP takes pride in being the pioneering organization to introduce summer programs at Harrisburg University. The initiative began with a Nanobiotechnology summer program in 2007. Over time, it expanded to include three camps: Farm to Fork (Food and Agricultural Biotechnology), Medical Biotechnology, and Nanobiotechnology. These camps have attracted students from various states, including Texas, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Annual Biotechnology Showcase

CABP organizes an Annual Biotechnology Showcase Event each year, inviting over 120 high school and 40 middle school students to participate in hands-on biotechnology activities. Vendors and biotechnology companies display their products and offer career exploration opportunities, while the event concludes with a panel discussion featuring industry leaders. Additionally, students can showcase their research projects for a chance to win cash prizes, and one year, they even enjoyed jumping into a tub filled with nanomaterial slurry to learn about non-Newtonian fluids.

Activities for Educators/Administrators

Creating awareness amongst educators about applications and career options in Biotechnology has been a significant focus topic for CABP.  Realizing the impact of ‘Train-the-Trainer’, several activities are offered for educators. Several presentations and workshops are offered at national, regional and local events such as HiTech, PSTA, PACTA. For local high school educators, ACT-48 eligible workshops are offered on various topics ranging from Biotechnology (Medical, Food and Agriculture) to Nanobiotechnology.

Educator resources

With the need to offer the mandated curriculum, high school teachers find it challenging to bring new hands-on activities in their classrooms. To address this issue, and to enable these teachers to offer some fundamental biotechnology skill-based activities in their classrooms, digital modules are prepared (mapped to the k-12 science and engineering standards). Some examples are Bradford Assay, Gold-Nanoparticles- Concepts, Synthesis, and Diagnostic Application. Several other unique lab-based activities are also designed.

Nanotechnology Experiment at an HU Biotechnology Showcase


Harrisburg University and the Capital Area Biotechnology Partnership host the prestigious Pennsylvania BioGENEius Challenge, showcasing innovative biotechnology projects by high school students. The winner advances to the National and International BioGENEius Challenge, with opportunities to win significant awards.

Program Director

Mrunalini (Leena) Pattarkine, Ph.D.

Program Lead Biotechnology, Director Capital Area Biotechnology Partnership