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For STEM professors, it’s an honor to have a research paper accepted for presentation at an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) conference. So, for STEM students, it’s an even more unprecedented accomplishment.

That’s why Dr. Majid Shaalan, who heads HU’s graduate computer science program, couldn’t be prouder of his undergraduate students Bao Pham and Warren Landis. The students recently saw their research papers accepted for presentation at the IEEE Cloud Summit to be hosted virtually by HU Oct. 21-22.

Landis’ paper, co-authored by professor, Dr. Sangwhan Cha, is titled, “Towards High Performance Stock Market Prediction Methods.” It provides an in-depth test and analysis of a newly developed method for predicting the Stock market.

Pham’s paper, co-authored by HU Professors Ronald Jones and Shaalan, is titled, “Analysis of Cloud Bursting from the Openstack Infrastructure to AWS.” This paper outlines the group’s development and testing of an experimental cloud bursting software, with the results showing that there is potential to convert it into a proprietary software solution for cloud bursting.

Cloud bursting is a term that refers to a private information storage cloud that overflows traffic to a public cloud when it has used 100 percent of its storage capacity. Development of a low-level commercial cloud bursting solution is an intense research subdomain. There are few of them out there, and more interesting is that AWS EC2, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, and VMWare are the industry leaders, Shaalan said.

“We are so proud of the students, because they accomplished this the HU way, with hard work, dedication and curiosity,” he said. “We (their professors) developed the concept, oversaw the technical DevOps, and provided guidance, but it was the students who got their hands dirty with the low-level programming. This is why we decided to have the papers published in their names. That’s the HU way, the students shine.”

“These projects are examples of what we are doing in our HPC Research laboratory, they are a result of a couple of years of continuous work, and we have to give it to HU President, Dr. Eric Darr, and HU leadership who provided the ultimate support for the group. Sending the students to world-class conferences and high technical training was the key for this accomplishment” he added.

Full descriptions of the papers and the details of the research environments can be found on our HU library/ Digital Common at the following links:

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