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Harrisburg University graduate student, Kariah Crosby, a Biotechnoloy major, had her internship research article published this past week in a scholarly journal.
Crosby, who is set to graduate this summer, had her research article, “Critical evaluation of the interaction of special proteins with human stratum corneum via terahertz scanning reflectometry and spectrometry,” published by, the official journal of CLINAM.

Crosby, who earned her undergraduate degree in Biotechnology, is set to graduate with a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology this summer.

The following was taken from the article abstract:Many patients with chronic skin disease develop hemostatic abnormalities. The blood coagulation factor XII is a multifunctional protease, which is involved in thrombosis, fibrinolysis, and inflammatory processes. The aim of this investigation was to assess the autoactivation of FXII that leads to the generation of FXII fragments and their subsequent cell penetration compared to UM8190, a lipophilicselective prolyl carboxypeptidase inhibitor compound. Terahertz scanning reflectometry (TSR) and terahertz spectrometry (TS)were used to study the surface mediated FXII activation, as well as penetration of the FXII and UM8190, their retardant property, diffusion kinetics and fragmentation profiles into human stratum corneum (SC). Fromthe diffusion kinetics and profiling experiments it was found that FXII does not penetrate the SC but remains mostly on the surface.”

To read the entire article, click Here.

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