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Harrisburg University of Science and Technology joined Hussian College and local and state officials to unveil the new, expanded location the two schools share in downtown Philadelphia during a ribbon cutting event Friday morning. Harrisburg University also announced an articulation agreement the University signed with the Community College of Philadelphia during the event.

The Board of Trustees from both schools, along with HU President Dr. Eric Darr, and Hussian College President Jeremiah Staropoli, celebrated the expansion into 38,000 square feet of completely renovated space at 1500 Spring Garden Street. Officials from the Community College of Philadelphia also attended the Ribbon Cutting.

“Harrisburg University and Hussian college worked together now for a number of years. HU knows Philadelphia very well. Today, we have more than 300 students from Philadelphia school district enrolled,” HU President Dr. Eric Darr told a packed house.

“This space gives us the opportunity to serve students in Philadelphia better. It’s all about education and the more opportunities we can provide the better. This is the first day of many, many more great days in this space.”

Other officials who attended the event included State Sen. Lawrence M. Farnese Jr., Donald Generals Jr., President of the Community College of Philadelphia; and Dr. Samuel Hirsch, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success at the Community College of Philadelphia.

HU will offer Bachelor of Science degrees in Interactive Media, Management, and eBusiness – with concentrations in digital marketing and business analytics; Computer and Information Sciences and Cybersecurity Operations and Management at its new Philadelphia location. The University also has an eye on offering new master’s degree programs in the new space.

For the past three years, HU delivered courses to first-year students in 8,000 square feet of the historic Bourse Building on Independence Mall. Prior to the expansion, HU’s Philadelphia students were required to transfer to the university’s main campus in downtown Harrisburg.

HU’s Philadelphia and Harrisburg locations will maintain a symbiotic relationship going forward, Darr said.

Students attending classes in Philadelphia will have full access to HU’s 350,000-square-foot state-of-the-art campus in downtown Harrisburg. And students attending main campus can pursue all opportunities that exist at the Philadelphia location, which will accommodate up to 500 students, Dr. Darr said.

“The connection between the two locations will be strong, whether it’s internship opportunities, faculty sharing two locations and resources,” he said. “There will be all kinds of benefits to both locations.”

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