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In a June 12 article, the Editorial Board of Patriot-News recognized Harrisburg University’s turnaround and continued success under the leadership of President Dr. Eric Darr.

Saying “Harrisburg University may provide a roadmap for the new vision of higher education,” the Editorial Board lauded Dr. Darr for boldly leaving behind the tired academic focus of most colleges in exchange for innovative, exciting programs like Esports and Cybersecurity.

The board went on to say that HU’s turnaround also bodes well from an economic development perspective for Harrisburg and the surrounding region. As HU grows, it leaves a trail of business opportunities in its wake. And it provides a model for other higher education institutions to follow, the article states.

The Editorial Board also applauded HU’s efforts to attract a diverse student body and staff, saying that, “While some higher ed campuses here in Pennsylvania struggle to attract students and faculty of color, Harrisburg U seems to have figured it out. The school boasts that its percentage of women and minority students and faculty in the male-dominated STEM field are well above the national average…Darr’s words are backed up by the numbers. Women make up 52 percent of the university’s undergraduates, compared to 18 percent national in science and technology programs. And the university says 45 percent are African American, compared to the national average of 7.6 percent in STEM studies.”

Harrisburg University thanks the Editorial Board for its recognition of the University’s determination to build a dynamic institution that has been named U.S. STEM University of the Year by Corporate Live Wire, and has grown into a higher education model and a catalyst for community and economic development. Read the editorial.