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The responsibilities college students face can cause pressure and stress. And the COVID-19 pandemic can create even more anxiety.

At Harrisburg University, there are numerous student support services, including mental health counseling, available to students. And additional resources have been added to HU’s list of support services since the pandemic arrived early last year.  

HU students Casey Slayton and Hannah Wishon joined Melissa Morgan, HU Associate Vice President of Student Services, to discuss student support services available to students at HU.  

“It’s incredibly important and leadership really values the mental health of our students in our community, and we put tremendous resources for not just our undergraduate, but our graduate population, into supporting our students,” Morgan said.

If students do experience problems and need help, its imperative they reach out for help, WIshon said.

“It’s only helping you; it’s only hurting you if you don’t see a guidance counselor, it’s only hurting you if you don’t get that tutor, it’s only hurting you if you don’t talk to somebody,” Wishon added.

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For information about HU’s student support services, visit this link.


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