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The Center for Project Management Innovation Presents Beyond the Project Horizon Journal of Project Management Innovation Powered by Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

The Center for Project Management Innovation at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology has established an academic journal, Beyond the Project Horizon Journal of Project Management Innovation. The journal will provide insight into the future of the project profession as a platform for research articles, case studies, and white papers in research or a specific topic that presents a solution to a problem within the project industry. The journal will provide information from a practical perspective about trends, new tools, and new methods and peeks over the horizon on all topics about the project profession.

An absolute explosion in big data has stormed over industries in the past decade. Data generated from web traffic, social media, email and text communications, digital images, and other digital information sources will grow exponentially.

  • What impact does the growing number of data-driven organizations have on the project manager role?
  • How do project, program, and portfolio managers navigate the successful execution of big data projects?

As the project management discipline have evolved, the reality that every project starts within a unique organizational context compels project managers to develop the decision-making skills necessary to tailor legacy best practices to ensure the maximum value of the project. Project managers must understand the business, people, organizational context, and culture to make sound decisions regarding the most appropriate project management methodology. The goal of Beyond the Project Horizon, the Journal of Project Management Innovation is to illuminate the future of the project profession through discussion, research, and innovative projects.

The Center for Project Management Innovations welcomes manuscripts focusing on the intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary research of innovative project management that addresses contemporary national and international issues.

Here are examples of desirable submissions include, but are not limited to:

  • Original empirical research that addresses critical theoretical, empirical, or methodological gaps in the literature
    • Research that informs data-driven organizations and focuses on strategic and innovative developments.         
    • Research provides relevant information for researchers, project managers, and innovators on innovative practices in business acumen, project teams, and team leadership through innovative practices and decision-making.
    • Efforts that result in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration

Scholars, innovative project managers, and graduate students are invited to submit their manuscripts for publication.

Examples of articles published at CPMI

  • Full-length empirical articles:
    • Comprehensive reports of findings of quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-design research studies
  • Brief empirical articles:
    • Succinct summaries of findings from quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-design research studies of minimal scope (e.g., pilot studies)
  • Comprehensive literature reviews:
    • Articles providing a summary and analysis of the body of existing research on a specific topic

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