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Two Harrisburg University of Science and Technology project management faculty members address the topic of emotional intelligence in project management in a recent journal publication.

Dr. Sarah M. Dyson and Dr. Joe Deklinski’s article, “Why Do Relationships Matter to Project Managers? 3 Elements to Integrate into Every Project Manager Tool-Kit,” appears in Volume 1 of Beyond the Project Horizon: Journal of the Center for Project Management Innovation.

The researchers note that emotional intelligence is one of the essential attributes of success in the workplace and life. It is a skill that can be learned and developed. The ability to manage emotions is also a part of it. Emotional intelligence can be taught, practiced, and mastered by anyone who wants to become a better manager. It is not just about managing your emotions but being able to manage them effectively if you want to become a better leader. One of the hallmarks of effective project leadership is building constructive relationships. Relationship building is essential because project managers do not typically have authority over the team. If projects are to be successfully completed, the project manager must rely on working with others – this requires relationships. The more complex the project, the more people want your attention. It is impossible to do justice to them all, so it is time to prioritize the list to keep your most important working relationships manageable and growing.

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Dr. Dyson’s research focuses on how AI, media, emotions, and motivation affect project managers, leaders, and organizations’ skills, attitudes, and behaviors. She has taught at Harrisburg University since April 2020. She has taught graduate capstone courses in the Project Management programs: Thesis Preparation and Research Writing and Methodology. Dr. Dyson also teaches Emotional intelligence for project managers and is the course team lead for Business and requirements analysis fundamentals. She has taught in the general education program by teaching general psychology.  Dr. Dyson earned her PH. D. in Psychology with a specialization in Social Psychology from Walden University. She earned a Master of Science in Business Management and Information Management from Colorado Technical University.

Dr. Deklinski is a corporate faculty member at Harrisburg University specializing in project and risk management, procurement, agile lean transformational leadership, and organizational leadership. Dr. Deklinski has worked with various state agencies to bring to life various new services from inception to launch. Dr. Deklinski has worked with all Commonwealth agencies by providing change management training, facilitating and managing cross agency projects and to redesign business processes within the Department of Human Services, Revenue, Insurance, Conservation and Natural Resources, Office of Administration, and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.  Dr. Deklinski holds a Doctor of Business Administration from Northcentral University, a Master of Public Administration from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, a Bachelor of Science degree from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.