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Dr. Devyani Singh, Harrisburg University Postdoctoral Fellow, Sustainable Energy Policy, is featured in a recent Women in #SciComm podcast.

Dr. Singh was interviewed during an episode of the podcast that is part of a series of episodes that features the women participating in the Women in #SciComm panel dubbed, “STEM FATALE -Women Slaying it in SciComm.” To listen to the podcast, visit this link.

Dr. Singh also is the lead author of a research paper that has been published by the ScienceDirect journal.

The paper is titled, “Forest, farms and fuelwood: Measuring changes in fuelwood collection and consumption behavior from a clean cooking intervention.” The following is taken from the paper’s abstract:

“In many developing countries, fuelwood can contribute to 50–90% of all household energy, largely driven by the 2.6 billion individuals dependent on it to meet their daily household cooking energy requirements. This dependency can have negative impacts on forest stocks and climate change. Both, a transition to cleaner cooking and sustainable management of forest resources to ensure long-term supply, are essential for dependent communities.”

To view the paper, click here.


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