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A UN study establishes that less than 30% of scientific researchers in the world are women, a percentage that leaves much to be desired and that reflects the little investment in training for women in this field. This research also argues that offering women equal opportunities to develop and thrive in STEM careers helps reduce the gender gap. There is a global need to incorporate more women into STEM for the development of the region’s economies and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); in addition to highlighting the need for access to quality scientific education, advancement in the scientific career and the right to science in general. Key topics to direct education towards a real advance in Latin America.

For Harrisburg University, the development of Latin American women in STEM careers is fundamental to the strengthening of the region and therefore offers a diversity of master’s degrees aimed at Latin American students, which will be taught under a hybrid format of online classes and face-to-face classes from Panama for all of Latin America and will be taughtby professors from the Harrisburg University campus in Pennsylvania. Latin American students will have the cutting-edge resources and technology that the university possesses. We reaffirm our commitment to science with an ideal space to acquire the necessary skills to achieve professional success through STEM careers.

The so-called STEM careers are becoming increasingly relevant and women are considering their decisive role in the development of these professions. It is known that currently technological jobs are among the best paid, in this sense and in order to contribute to the STEM educational offer in Panama with an accessible, high quality and high demand program Harrisburg University, seeks to inspire students in the region to take advantage of their abilities through an education that manages to improve their communities and also offers women Latin America a space to prepare and position itself in the global labor market and that also allows to advance in the competitiveness index.

Currently Harrisburg University, has important references in the field of scientific research carried out by women as is the case of the academic vice chancellor of Harrisburg University in the USA and Executive Director of the STEM-UP Network, Bilita Mattes. She is a professional with more than 30 years of leadership experience in higher education, and  who along with other colleagues in Pennsylvania, created STEM-UP Network, a community that supports women in STEM professions through programs, services, and a network that provide women with strategies and relationships that help them advance and thrive both personally and professionally.

Another example of women in science at HU is Jen Mowery, professor of Agile Methodologies and Project Management and leader of several large-scale digital transformation projects in government and academia. She is a researcher with extensive experience who is convinced that teamwork leads to continuous improvement and that the role of women scientists in these work teams is fundamental to intertwine the mechanics of operating systems with the objectives and collaborative efforts of the people who work to add value to the client in each project that is developed.


The HU Panama location will be nestled in the City of Knowledge, Panama, a center of education, research, and development. Check out the map of the campus below. The site will offer Latin American students the same cutting-edge technology and resources available at the highly regarded Harrisburg University campus in Pennsylvania, USA. More information is found online at

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