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Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is proud to partner with VictoryXR, a leader in virtual reality and content generation.  The addition of this technology will significantly expand HU’s content and the ability to reach students in rural areas of this country and around the world. 

As Harrisburg University expands its health sciences initiatives, VR/AR will be a key differentiator in the programs and how they are delivered.  One of the first groundbreaking programs to integrate this technology as a part of the experience will be the new Exercise Science PTA Program, which allows physical therapist assistants to continue to work as they work toward a degree in exercise science, mainly in a remote environment. 

Professors will be able to showcase more of the instructive work remotely during the few times when the students are in person, and they will be able to gain more hands-on time and clinical skills practice.  HU will look to expand AR/VR to bring more cutting-edge, immersive learning opportunities to all levels of the university, including programs offered to high school students and the healthcare community in central PA. 

By working with VictoryXR, Harrisburg University will look to expand its current Expanded Reality Taskforce and use these emerging technologies in other areas of the university. 

“This type of technology assists us greatly to even the playing field. It offers equity to those in remote locations who may have never had opportunities to interact in this way,” says Dr. Tonya Miller, associate professor, and program lead for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Harrisburg University.

Miller says Virtual Reality provides an immersive experience that even a live classroom doesn’t provide.

“Imagine being in an anatomy lab and getting to see the valves of the heart and how they move and function.  This is an experience that no cadaver anatomy lab can provide. It’s like being inside the heart and watching it work,” says Miller.  “These experiences take a virtual classroom from sharing information to a truly experiential learning environment. “

“Metaversities open up immersive, 3D classrooms to students who are learning in virtual reality. Even more, it enables students and professors to be together on a simulated campus in a group setting so they can learn-by-doing”  said VictoryXR CEO, Steve Grubbs, commenting on the success of metaversities to this point. 

Dr. Muhsinah Morris, the director of Morehouse in the Metaverse, has been a pioneer in the field of immersive learning. “We continue to see growth on our campus as more professors and more students want to learn on the metaversity campus. We are seeing gains in student performance and student engagement.”

 Join us in embracing the future of healthcare education and learn more about Harrisburg Universities Exercise Science Program and the partnership with VictoryXR at and


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