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John Quigley, Director of Harrisburg University’s Center for Environment, Energy, and Economy, recently was featured in an NPR State Impact Pennsylvania report regarding economic opportunities produced by the state’s Marcellus Shale fracking industry.

The story, titled, “Gas industry hasn’t delivered on its economic promise to communities,” cites a report that shows that Pennsylvania’s natural gas extraction has had little economic benefit in the eight state counties where natural gas extraction has been the most active during the past decade.

“The impact of this industry on local economies has been vastly overstated,” Quigley told State Impact Pennsylvania. “It’s been oversold and used as an excuse not to adequately regulate or enforce environmental and public health regulations.”

The report shows that economic growth in the eight counties, as measured by personal income, jobs created, and population, sharply lagged state and national rates, contrasting with the promises from industry that local economies would flourish due to the onset of fracking for natural gas.

In contrast to fracking, Quigley noted that “There’s an enormous opportunity for jobs in the renewable energy industry.”

To read the entire story, click here.


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